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The title you see for my testimony may seem a bit odd. So, I will explain why sharing The Real Winning Edge is important to all of us who want to impact the world for good. (As there are surely plenty of people who are impacting the world about them for evil). In fact, it seems as we hear the news each day we hear of such treacherous, destructive behavior occurring a lot.

When I received my calling to produce a television series that would be for commercial television and formatted to involve youth, High School, or College age that have overcome adversities through their faith. It began after completing my Doctorate studies in how television and film affect social and moral values; I knew our media was greatly shaping our culture, and particularly the culture of our youth. I went back to teaching after finishing my degree and at that time I was given a vision for TRWE that I will never forget. Had it not been given to me that way, I would not have lasted from the grueling work and rejection of trying to get the program funded, produced, and airing.

There were many years of trials in this process of getting the first faith inclusive message for teens and young adults funded and airing as a series on a major network. That was my goal and it began with FOX in 2008. There was a great deal of celebration when it debuted as a regular schedule series on FOX in syndicated stations across the US in 2008. The key reason this happened, is that I Learned to listen to the Lord’s voice. The Lord’s states “my sheep hear my voice”.
I was in training all along learning to hear his voice. (Still learning to follow his voice), teaching me how to accomplish things that seem impossible but are possible by staying on course with Christ. I spent approximately a year and a half trying to get someone to pray for this effort representing every state in the United States.

When the prayer team came together, that’s when the doors began to open, and things began to happen. I’m sharing this with you because if you chose to follow God fully you will be in this school of learning to know his voice and how to follow God even when it hurts. When you feel the rejection and the scorn. If you are doing what he told you to do, yes you will have negative experiences but, didn’t Jesus? Keep remembering the experiences the Saints from the scriptures experienced. But they kept on. It took in some cases, a long time for them to fulfill what they were called to do. But they were walking with the Lord. They knew Him better more and more each day. And if you follow him that way, it will become an ultimate joy when you near the finish line. You will experience a greater sense of His peace in the midst of turmoil going on around you. And there is nothing better than feeling the peace and joy of the Lord being with you.

That’s why having The Real Winning Edge and sharing the real winning edge is so important now. You say what does that mean? The Real Winning Edge is the slogan I believe every Christian ought to know and use in their milieu in which they live. The meaning is, if you have the Lord, Jesus Christ in your life, you live by his principles, you spread his love to others, and then you truly will win over the adversities you face.

Makes all the difference... Know you need to surround yourself with those who are on your team walking out The Real Winning Edge way... It can be the terminology you use to know who is with you as well as uphold you and you uphold others. Having those to support you in the faith, encourage and pray for you is foundational to keeping The Real Winning Edge, in terms of thinking beyond that is what you must do if you are to fulfill your mission.