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How is The Real Winning Edge benefiting local communities across the United States? We are spreading love, sharing stories of teens and young adults overcoming adversity to inspire others. We also are trying to create partnerships with faith-based schools across the country to start collecting more inspiring stories but also to be a resource to parents & teachers as they support our kids. Read a few stories below from students, teachers, and supporters as to how The Real Winning Edge is making a difference today.

Sharon G. Davis Testimonial


Dear Dr. Preston-Reilly,

I teach a class called Leadership and Life Skills™ for high school students. This is our eleventh year of course delivery. The class is designed to prepare students for success beyond high school. The objective is to prepare them to make wise decisions when they are no longer under the direct protective control of parents. We teach students to understand they will experience hardships. A major success component is resilience.

The scenarios depicted in The Real Winning Edge series perfectly exemplify these principles. I know of no other venue where such valued and timeless principles are so artfully depicted. We know that teens and young adults value the opinions of peers above all others. The testimonies are a perfect match for my course because they show young people who are overcoming obstacles through faith and resilience. It’s one thing to teach the principles however it is exponentially more effective to re-enforce the teaching with experiential videos. All students were fully captivated during the playing of the video. They were fully engaged during discussion segments following the video. The use of The Real Winning Edge videos has taken our course to the next level. The students and their parents are the beneficiaries.

In prior weeks we noticed a particular student who seemed distracted and disengaged. During a pre-class conference last week, the student revealed she was experiencing a dysfunctional family situation and was “struggling with depression”. The Real Winning Edge videos give students hope. Students see that young people their age can endure challenges, excel in spite of them, and leverage the successful testimony to encourage others. The entire group seemed inspired and encouraged by the video.

I think the videos would be ideal entrants for a possible CNN Heroes – Youth Edition. Perhaps ABC could use some of the videos for their “Person of the Week” segments. Since many of the featured students are athletes, Perhaps ESPN would consider a “Champions in Life” Series. Nike loves to sell merchandise to teens; perhaps they could showcase some of these clips in a commercial series as a way to provide much-needed inspiration for teens who struggle in silence.

Troubled teens have been at the center of some of our nation’s most painful mass casualty news events. Showcasing hopeful videos might serve to preempt a crisis or help students to recover from one. Either way, The Real Winning Edge series provides a valuable contribution to today’s youth. Please expand the series. Our nation needs it.


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May 5, 2019

Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly
President/Executive Producer
Challenger Films, Inc.


Dear Dr. Preston-Reilly,

We are extremely grateful for the generous gift of the 28 youth testimonies that were donated to Northstar Christian Academy here in Minnesota through the generosity of a Christian family that has benefited from these testimonies. We plan to make these available to our students and integrate them into our discipleship programs.

Thank you for your hope and passion with sharing the truth of God’s works and words to the next generation!

Grateful for you always,

Shannan Randazzo

Shannan Randazzo
Northstar Knights Director of Education
Northstar Christian Academy
Email: shannan.randazzo@gmail.com
Cell: 410-903-7632

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