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Suzy Bradford

Texas A&M Galveston student Suzy Bradford loves being out on the water. But her life has been anything but smooth sailing. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Then when she was in high school, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer (dying from the disease during Suzy’s first semester of college). After that her brother suffered a serious assault, sustaining traumatic injuries that still affect him today.

Suzy has faced these challenges with the comfort of her friends, her church community and her pursuit of sailing. She has won several races, including twice winning the Harvest Moon Regatta, one of the biggest sailing races in the US. Drawing over 200 ships to compete in over a 150-mile course that takes 20-24 hours to complete. She says, “Sailing is in my blood. Both sailing and my faith require hard work and dedication.”

What gives Suzy The Real Winning Edge is having the people god put in her life and to keep moving forward.