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Michael Detmering

Michael Detmering won gold in the USA Taekwondo Junior Olympics – but first he had to free himself from his own fears. Competing in the shadow of his successful older brothers, he became so discouraged that he gave up on martial arts and played football instead. Over time, Michael found the strength to return and the courage to excel. He and his brother are national champion taekwondo athletes. They spend 2 hours a day driving back and forth to practice, complete their homework, and still are able to keep up with their classes in high school. There are often self-centered reasons why people strive to be national champions, but I didn’t see that in Michael’s motivation. He wanted to be a defender of the good – something affected him when he was younger and now he desires to defend the vulnerable. He has a remarkable sense of kindness and respect for others. He stood out with qualities that are refreshing to see in these days when Me-ism dominates our culture. Surely, he has the real winning edge.