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Julie Finley

Meet Julie Finley.

“I started to get these insane headaches but only on the right side of my head,” said Finley. “I went to the doctor and then went through all kinds of tests, MRI’s and even specific tests for headaches. But they couldn’t give me any answers. I went to other doctors and had many blood tests. Finally, the first semblance of an answer, or even possible answer, to what was wrong. One of the blood tests came back as her being borderline for something called Lyme Disease, a rare disease that is not very prevalent in Ohio.

One of the first people she told about it was her coach, Tanya Hockman, had not only heard of it but was, in fact, personally touched by it herself. Perhaps without Hockman’s deep connection, through her college roommate who actually had the rare disease, Finley may not have soon, if ever, found out that this was the disease that she indeed had.

“I don’t believe in coincidence,” commented Hockman. God’s plan is perfect and his resources are limitless. My faith has been bolstered through this entire experience.”

“I know God sent me to Malone for a reason,” Finley stated. “It was down to Mt. Vernon Nazarene University and Malone. I just felt that Malone was the place for me. And now I know the biggest reason why.”

Julie has more than succeeded overcoming Lyme’s Disease…her faith and courage truly give her The Real Winning Edge!