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Doug Hall

Native American Doug Hall began bronco riding when he was 16, as he and his family recovered from the car accident (caused by a drunk driver) that took his mother’s life when Doug was only 14. Doug’s mother had made him promise to never let alcohol become a part of his life. Picking up the pieces and moving forward took a lot of determination.

He says, “Most of my friends in high school drank and partied but I never did. At times it was hard not to give in to the peer pressure but through prayer, faith, and my will to keep that promise to my Mom-I never gave in! Anyone can pick up a bottle and take a drink, but not everyone is willing to get out of their comfort zone to get an education. To find out how Doug has persevered from being “bucked off a lot” to qualifying for national rodeo finals and winning a college rodeo scholarship (and a place on the Dean’s List).