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Dealing With Suicide

Mo Isom

Mo majored in journalism, but she was also captain of the LSU Women’s Soccer Team where she led her team to an undefeated season. While she is a very strong soccer player she has had far more hard hits in life than on the soccer field. The suicide death of her father, after the loss…

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Patrick McCaffrey

Patrick McCaffrey - The Real Winning Edge

Meet Patrick McCaffrey. Patrick McCaffrey is a student who works exceptionally hard to succeed both in his academics and in his sport of roller hockey. He does not let his autism stop him from succeeding, nor has he let his father’s suicide slow him down from achieving his goals. Pat finds comfort and support through…

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Susan Falotico

Susan Falotico - The Real Winning Edge

Adjusting To Great Loss Susan lost her friend to suicide in High School. She was heartbroken when it happened, but still supported others that were affected by it. She decided to have a meeting encouraging her peers to speak out about suicidal thoughts and not to remain silent if there was any concern for another…

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Shauna George

Shauna George - The Real Winning Edge

Physical & Emotional Abuse Shauna George was spotlighted on The Real Winning Edge, a faith-based video series highlighting youth that have overcome real challenges that face our youth today. Following sexual abuse, Shauna turned to cutting herself and had suicidal thoughts. No matter how bad things get, please know, there are always people ready to…

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Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown - The Real Winning Edge

Losing Peers To Suicide Taylor Brown is a football player who has experienced multiple losses to suicide. How can any good come from this? This is a question Taylor has faced during these hardships. Through prayer and his faith in God, Taylor placed his trust in God knowing that He has a plan—that even a…

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