Real Teens. Real Challenges. Real Solutions.

Overcoming Physical and Emotional Challenges

Jejuan Plair

A starting point guard for the SHSU basketball team,

Jejuan is blind in one eye due to a childhood accident. Instead of letting this become an excuse,he views it as an opportunity; he works hard and strives to make the
best of every situation. He has learned to compensate so well for what he has lost that he is attending college on a full basketball scholarship.

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Ali Nowonty

While in high school, Ali was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When it was found to be benign, she postponed surgery to help lead her squad to a state title in stunt cheerleading. Her determination and positive spirit helped give Ali the real winning edge!

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Caleb Carney

Caleb is a high school champion pole vaulter who suddenly became very ill and almost died from an infectious disease. Caleb’s mother asked people to pray. Now Caleb realizes he is alive today thanks to the power of prayer. He has truly learned to appreciate life, to develop his God-given talents and to encourage others to do the same.

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Gabe Castellanos

Gabe Castellanos - The Real Winning Edge

Meet Gabe. As a high school freshman, Gabe fell into a diabetic coma. He recovered, but became blind; then, six months later, a broken leg put him in a wheelchair for over a year and ultimately made it necessary to replace his hip. He used music to work through his pain and went from being…

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Mary Huddleston

Mary Huddleston - Showing Horses with Cancer

Meet Mary. In the 5th grade, she had a cancerous tumor in her right hip. She experienced Brain Fog, Tiredness, and Nauseousness with Chemo. When doctors would tell her she can’t do something and then was able to accomplish those goals, she attributes that all to God. She started showing horses when she was little.…

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Suzy Bradford

Suzy Bradford - The Real Winning Edge

Texas A&M Galveston student Suzy Bradford loves being out on the water. But her life has been anything but smooth sailing. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Then when she was in high school, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer (dying from the disease during Suzy’s first semester of college). After that…

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Andrea Stroud

Andrea Stoud - The Real Winning Edge

Meet Andrea Stroud. You’ll see a remarkable young lady that faced an abusive father on top of having to heal from a physical deformity. Please pay close attention to how Andrea was able to move away from the role of ‘victim’ and moved into the role of a truly successful dancer. Andrea Stroud has been…

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Molly Lewis

Molly Lewis - Skateboarding

Molly grew up with severe asthma, needing four breathing treatments and prescription medication every day. Through her walk with God, she gained strength and eventually became able to breathe freely. Now Molly is an artist and videographer, as well as a skateboarder, surfer, lacrosse player, and longboarder (downhill skateboarder). Besides touring with the Original Skateboard…

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Jessica Iwata

Jessica Iwata - University of Hawaii Softball

College Athlete Dealing with the Loss of a Friend Jessica Iwata is a student-athlete at the University of Hawaii. She dealt with the loss of a close friend who was in a car accident due to drunk driving. During her time of grieving, she was in shock and hurt. She then reached out to her…

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