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Overcoming Physical and Emotional Challenges

Micaela Serrano

Micaela Serrano - The Real Winning Edge

Finding A New Identity In Christ Micaela was a competing in gymnastics until she was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia which would cause her to faint during activity. It affected her joints and caused them to swell up to the point where she couldn’t grip a bar. Her identity and self-worth was in gymnastics and when…

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Daniel Estevez

Daniel Estevez - The Real Winning Edge

Facing Cancer Twice and Becoming Twice As Strong When Daniel was first told he had cancer he started asking God why? Despite his questioning he decided to trust that God wasn’t giving him anything more than he could bare and held onto his faith. The second time he had cancer Daniel wasn’t afraid. Instead, he…

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Troy White

Troy White - The Real Winning Edge

Swinging For The Fences Troy is a dedicated baseball player for Northern Illinois University. He started playing baseball at a young age and grew up with the desire to play for a Division 1 school. He saw early on that plenty of deserving players were not getting the chance they deserved to play at that…

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Dawn Evans

Dawn Evans - The Real Winning Edge

Enduring Through Negative Predictions Dawn was diagnosed with FSGS which is a severe kidney disorder. The condition causes scarring and as it progresses, the kidneys start to shut down. The doctors told her she would not be able to play basketball anymore. She looked at them and told them that they do not decide, but…

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Kiana Levi

Kiana Levi - The Real Winning Edge

Overcoming A Devastating Diagnosis Kiana started noticing swelling in her knee and her hands in the third or fourth pain. When she went to get it looked at she was diagnosed with systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which is a severe disease that is rare for people to ever be cured from. It has a high…

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Stephen Spralding

Stephen Spralding - The Real Winning Edge

Injuries Are Not the End Stephen has faced a slue of injuries throughout his athletic career. Each time he has been knocked down he used his faith in Jesus to pick him back up again! Stephen’s faith in God and His plan is what gives Stephen The Real Winning Edge!

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Devin Wilson

Devin Wilson - The Real Winning Edge

More Than a Conqueror Devin was severely injured at football practice. He was totally paralyzed and wasn’t even able to speak. During this time, Devin wasn’t living the life Jesus had planned for him, and while he lay there unable to move he prayed out of desperation. Jesus met him where he was and healed…

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