Real Teens. Real Challenges. Real Solutions.

Overcoming Physical and Emotional Challenges

Sebastian Douglas

Sebastian grew up playing basketball with friends in the park; his skills improved through middle and high school. When a friend was killed in an accident, Sebastian was eager to take part in a basketball tournament organized to raise money for his friend’s funeral – and during the game, tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).…

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Olivia Brock

Olivia began playing football in 8th grade–after watching her kick just once, the varsity coach said she was a natural! It took courage for her to become the starting kicker for the varsity football team; she faced other tough challenges as well, dealing with illness during her sophomore year and with a serious injury during…

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Troy White

Troy White - The Real Winning Edge

Swinging For The Fences Troy is a dedicated baseball player for Northern Illinois University. He started playing baseball at a young age and grew up with the desire to play for a Division 1 school. He saw early on that plenty of deserving players were not getting the chance they deserved to play at that…

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Kristen Holding

Kristen Holding is a high school track champion, setting records and winning awards. Every athlete has to battle injuries to compete, but Kristen has had more than the usual share; season after season, she has pushed through the pain of bone problems, staph infections, pleurisy, nerve injuries, and more. Whether she’s setting a record or…

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Tori Allen

Tori Allen grew up in Africa, a daughter of missionary parents. Tori struggled with learning disabilities, but in her free time, she would watch the monkeys climbing trees and wanted to be up in the treetops with them – so she began to climb. Soon rocks replaced trees, and eventually, she became the youngest woman…

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Mariah Dean

Mariah Dean has faced poverty of where her family wasn’t sure if they would have food that night. However, Mariah cried out to God asking for His provision and that is what He gave her family. Every night they had something to eat despite their circumstances. Later on she would also be attacked by a…

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Sasha Ryjik

Sasha began fencing when he was nine years old and was the top-ranked male junior fencer in the U.S.-winning multiple national and world championships. Fencing requires great skill, speed, stamina, coordination, and balance. Sasha fences with a sabre, the modern version of a cavalry sword, using not only the point but the blade in competition.…

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Morgan Herrington

In her passion for dance and pursuit of perfection, Morgan Herrington battled anorexia, depression and a cutting disorder. As you watch her YouTube video, you’ll see how she overcame all these by God’s grace and with the support of family and good friends.

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Heather Bounds

Heather was a member of the Miami Hurricanes at the University of Miami. She was a springboard and platform diver and competed at the college, national, and international levels. Heather always wanted to look like the models in magazines! She developed an eating disorder while trying to look like the models in magazines. Instead of…

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David Garden

In David’s sophomore year of high school, he sustained a critical football injury that threatened to end his athletic career. But his desire to overcome the injury, his intense discipline and his faith brought him back to the field, rehabilitated and ready to play. David returned his senior year to help his team win the football championship. David has the real winning edge.

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