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Overcoming Physical and Emotional Challenges

Molly Lewis

Molly Lewis - Skateboarding

Molly grew up with severe asthma, needing four breathing treatments and prescription medication every day. Through her walk with God, she gained strength and eventually became able to breathe freely. Now Molly is an artist and videographer, as well as a skateboarder, surfer, lacrosse player, and longboarder (downhill skateboarder). Besides touring with the Original Skateboard…

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Jessica Iwata

Jessica Iwata - University of Hawaii Softball

College Athlete Dealing with the Loss of a Friend Jessica Iwata is a student-athlete at the University of Hawaii. She dealt with the loss of a close friend who was in a car accident due to drunk driving. During her time of grieving, she was in shock and hurt. She then reached out to her…

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Luke Putney

Luke Putney - The Real Winning Edge

Losing Vision But Never Losing Hope When Luke Putney was in 5th grade he had brain surgery due to diminishing vision. Right after he finished recovery he began losing vision again do to tumors growing on the sheath surrounding his optic nerve. Luke doesn’t let his vision stop him from enjoying life. He skateboards, wrestles,…

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Micaela Serrano

Micaela Serrano - The Real Winning Edge

Finding A New Identity In Christ Micaela was a competing in gymnastics until she was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia which would cause her to faint during activity. It affected her joints and caused them to swell up to the point where she couldn’t grip a bar. Her identity and self-worth was in gymnastics and when…

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