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Overcoming Peer Pressure and Bullying

Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly - The Real Winning Edge - Surfing

Surfing Above Temptation ​Rob Kelly is a competitive surfer who is consistently challenged by the party scene in his sport and community. However, Rob is committed to staying above the influence and to stay focused on his surfing and remaining a positive influence in the lives around him. With his determination and dedication, Rob went…

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Cedric Bond

Cedric Bond - Real Winning Edge Video 7.2019

Cedric is a global competitor for flat water kayaker who grew up as an excellent child without fault until he left home for college. He never thought he would be in the party scene, but peer pressure got the best of him and was consumed by temptation. During this season of his life, Cedric felt…

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Apollos Hester (YouTube Hero)

Apollos Hester - The Real Winning Edge

Never Defeated Apollos’s encouragement doesn’t come from sports, popularity, or anything else from the world. His encouragement comes from the Lord. Seeking God first gives Apollos The Real Winning Edge!

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