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Overcoming Substance Abuse

Hanna and Sarah Biddle

Hanna and Sara Biddle

Sisters Hannah (age 18) and Sarah (age 16) Biddle are national champion power-lifters and accomplished musicians. Hannah is a pianist/composer, and Sarah is a harpist. Both been asked to play with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Although they started down the wrong road, using drugs, they have turned their lives around by making the right choices.…

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Sterling Small

sterling small - the real winning edge

Meet Sterling Small. Growing up on a ranch taught him about hard work and responsibility. Feeling abandoned after his parents’ divorce, Sterling drifted into drinking and using drugs, which took him to “the worst place ever.” His ultimate “high” was when he competed in the Ultimate Warrior Challenge: a sprint, canoeing, running and riding a…

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Cedric Bond

Cedric Bond - The Real Winning Edge

Paddling With Hope Cedric is a global competitor in flat water kayaking. He grew up as an excellent child without fault until he left home for college. He never thought he would be in the party scene, but peer pressure got the best of him and he was consumed by temptation. During this part of…

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Fred Holden

Fred Holden - The Real Winning Edge

Blind Side Story Fred Holden fell into drug use and ended up in a juvenile detention center. In order to escape falling back into drug use, he moved in with a new family that could provide a clean environment. Fred was then assigned 80 hours of community service at the church where he learned the…

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