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One of a Kind

James Harris

James Harris - the real winning edge

Steadfast in Faith On and Off the Field… James is a high school track athlete and quarterback who lost his mom to cancer when he was young. Recently he had to deal with the same stress when his father was also diagnosed with cancer. Through all of this, he found the strength in his faith…

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Crystal Kalogris

Crystal Kalogris - The Real Winning Edge

Racing With Faith Crystal Kalogris is a BMX Racing National Competitor. She is not only an Amateur National Champion, but was also apart of the first ever BMX Collegiate National Championship Team. Her faith in God has kept her grounded and true to her morals. Even through the negativity, obstacles, and even successes of her…

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Michael Macias

Michael Macias - The Real Winning Edge

Having The Vision Through Blindness Piano Prodigy Michael Macias has been blind since he was four months old and spent his first three years of life on oxygen. His mother bought him a toy piano when he was young and within minutes, he played and memorized lullabies. God has helped Michael overcome his disability of…

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