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Overcoming Family Problems

Marquise Murphy

Marquise is an aspiring classical musician and high school senior from St. Louis, MO. In his earlier years, he struggled in school, but his God-given talent shone through. Now Marquise excels in music and academics and has been awarded a full scholarship to a pre-med college program.

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Sheryl Bon

Sheryl Bon - The Real Winning Edge

Meet Sheryl. Due to family problems, and a parent that had issues of his own, things became hard at home. Sheryl even had suicidal thoughts at one point. It wasn’t until she changed her perspective and started putting her focus on playing tennis and getting better that she was able to see the light. She…

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Patrick McCaffrey

Patrick McCaffrey - The Real Winning Edge

Meet Patrick McCaffrey. Patrick McCaffrey is a student who works exceptionally hard to succeed both in his academics and in his sport of roller hockey. He does not let his autism stop him from succeeding, nor has he let his father’s suicide slow him down from achieving his goals. Pat finds comfort and support through…

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Andrea Stroud

Andrea Stoud - The Real Winning Edge

Meet Andrea Stroud. You’ll see a remarkable young lady that faced an abusive father on top of having to heal from a physical deformity. Please pay close attention to how Andrea was able to move away from the role of ‘victim’ and moved into the role of a truly successful dancer. Andrea Stroud has been…

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Stephen Bradshaw

stephen bradshaw - overcoming family issues

Meet Stephen Bradshaw. Steve has overcome difficult times in his family relationships, his education and his sport. Although his father’s alcohol addiction strained their relationship, he learned to accept his dad’s imperfections and built a stronger connection to him. The lessons he learned through the process helped him become a leader in his classes and…

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Natnisha Bowens

natnisha bowen

Natnisha Bowen who is from Atlanta GA had a tough beginning. Left abandoned with her little brother on the doorstep of a neighbor’s house, she knows first hand about being an outsider. She was only 8 years old when she began being shuttled from one foster home to another. She was then placed in the…

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Doug Hall

Doug Hall - Bronco Riding

Native American Doug Hall began bronco riding when he was 16, as he and his family recovered from the car accident (caused by a drunk driver) that took his mother’s life when Doug was only 14. Doug’s mother had made him promise to never let alcohol become a part of his life. Picking up the…

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Sky Siljeg

Sky - Skateboarding

Sky found skateboarding to be a natural escape from his family’s troubles, including his father’s frequent absences due to an addiction. But when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he began spending time in prayer, learning to trust God totally. This relationship has strengthened Sky to stand against the temptations of the partying lifestyle in…

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Teqosha White

Taqosha White - Real Winning Edge

Turning Hurt Into Victories of Joy Memphis Elite Cheer & Dance Dancer Teqosha White overcame poverty and loneliness with her faith in God. Her faith gives her determination to push past what statistics say she can do and to keep going wherever Christ leads her. Teqosha has The Real Winning Edge!

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James Harris

James Harris - the real winning edge

Steadfast in Faith On and Off the Field… James is a high school track athlete and quarterback who lost his mom to cancer when he was young. Recently he had to deal with the same stress when his father was also diagnosed with cancer. Through all of this, he found the strength in his faith…

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