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Common Problems

Ryan Sankey

Ryan thought that he could never be a successful college lacrosse player because of his small stature, but he persevered, working hard on his skills, and now Division One schools are recruiting him. He also struggled with a learning disability that slowed down his schoolwork. But he continues to overcome his disability and show everyone…

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Austin Hair

Austin Hair experienced the typical college party scene, but when a wake-boarding accident forced him off the water for several months, he began to rekindle his relationship with God. Now back on track, he encourages friends to stay on the right path, passing on the lessons he’s learned.

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Dennis Thomas

Dennis was well-known as a high school troublemaker, but when his football coach helped turn his life around, Dennis raised his GPA, excelled in football and earned scholarships to two universities. Now he’s known for his walk with God.

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Taylor Chavez

Since he was introduced to hockey when he was six years old, Taylor has been practicing or playing almost every day. He expected battles on the ice, but he confronted a different kind of battle in the classroom: the struggle of attention deficit disorder (ADD). Add the lack of confidence most teens endure, and you…

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Jennifer Lamb

Jennifer Lamb - The Real Winning Edge

Pleasing Everyone But Herself Jennifer suffered from anxiety throughout high school. It caused her to starve herself to the point of changing her vitals. She spent half of her Senior year of high school in the hospital. Her anxiety followed her to college until she got involved with a small group of Godly women. There,…

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