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Cody Thomsen

Cody struggled with learning difficulties, his father’s fibromyalgia and their family’s financial troubles. But he learned that prayer helps overcome hard times. Not only does he maintain good grades but he succeeds and helps others excel in his sport of snow-cross racing.

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Sarah Bannock

During Sarah’s freshman year at Pitt State, her parents’ marital troubles escalated; her father burned down their house, leaving her angry, hurt, and scared. Choosing to pray her way through it and value relationship over performance, Sarah forgave her dad; today she shines in volleyball, in her relationships, and in her studies.

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Taylor Greer

taylor greer - the real winning edge - one of a kind

Taylor Greer was diagnosed with hearing impairment in both ears when she was born. In sixth grade, she began to lose what little hearing she did have. Through her life, she has struggled with asking God why He allowed her to go through this. She ended up getting cochlear implants which had a massive impact…

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Teqosha White

Taqosha White - Real Winning Edge

Turning Hurt Into Victories of Joy Memphis Elite Cheer & Dance Dancer Teqosha White overcame poverty and loneliness with her faith in God. Her faith gives her determination to push past what statistics say she can do and to keep going wherever Christ leads her. Teqosha has The Real Winning Edge!

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