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Doug Hall

Doug Hall - Bronco Riding

Native American Doug Hall began bronco riding when he was 16, as he and his family recovered from the car accident (caused by a drunk driver) that took his mother’s life when Doug was only 14. Doug’s mother had made him promise to never let alcohol become a part of his life. Picking up the…

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Molly Lewis

Molly Lewis - Skateboarding

Molly grew up with severe asthma, needing four breathing treatments and prescription medication every day. Through her walk with God, she gained strength and eventually became able to breathe freely. Now Molly is an artist and videographer, as well as a skateboarder, surfer, lacrosse player, and longboarder (downhill skateboarder). Besides touring with the Original Skateboard…

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Sky Siljeg

Sky - Skateboarding

Sky found skateboarding to be a natural escape from his family’s troubles, including his father’s frequent absences due to an addiction. But when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he began spending time in prayer, learning to trust God totally. This relationship has strengthened Sky to stand against the temptations of the partying lifestyle in…

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Julie Finley

Julie Finley - Lymes Disease

Meet Julie Finley. “I started to get these insane headaches but only on the right side of my head,” said Finley. “I went to the doctor and then went through all kinds of tests, MRI’s and even specific tests for headaches. But they couldn’t give me any answers. I went to other doctors and had…

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Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly - The Real Winning Edge - Surfing

Surfing Above Temptation ​Rob Kelly is a competitive surfer who is consistently challenged by the party scene in his sport and community. However, Rob is committed to staying above the influence and to stay focused on his surfing and remaining a positive influence in the lives around him. With his determination and dedication, Rob went…

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Jessica Iwata

Jessica Iwata - University of Hawaii Softball

College Athlete Dealing with the Loss of a Friend Jessica Iwata is a student-athlete at the University of Hawaii. She dealt with the loss of a close friend who was in a car accident due to drunk driving. During her time of grieving, she was in shock and hurt. She then reached out to her…

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James Harris

James Harris - the real winning edge

Steadfast in Faith On and Off the Field… James is a high school track athlete and quarterback who lost his mom to cancer when he was young. Recently he had to deal with the same stress when his father was also diagnosed with cancer. Through all of this, he found the strength in his faith…

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