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Daniel Estevez

Daniel Estevez - The Real Winning Edge

Facing Cancer Twice and Becoming Twice As Strong When Daniel was first told he had cancer he started asking God why? Despite his questioning he decided to trust that God wasn’t giving him anything more than he could bare and held onto his faith. The second time he had cancer Daniel wasn’t afraid. Instead, he…

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James Schutrop

Using Downhill Problems To Soar James found passion in snowboarding and was progressing with a team. However, when the housing market crashed his family couldn’t afford to pay for him to train with the team anymore. In order to pursue his passion James started his own lawn care business in order to buy himself a…

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D’Naysia Stonick

D'Naysia Stonick - The Real Winning Edge

Finding Forgiveness In Face Of Addiction D’Naysia’s mother struggled with drug addiction. She and her sisters were placed in foster care while their mother was placed in a rehab institution. After about a year, her mother did get better, but only for a little while. Her family’s reunion was shortened after a fire claimed their…

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Jennifer Lamb

Jennifer Lamb - The Real Winning Edge

Pleasing Everyone But Herself Jennifer suffered from anxiety throughout high school. It caused her to starve herself to the point of changing her vitals. She spent half of her Senior year of high school in the hospital. Her anxiety followed her to college until she got involved with a small group of Godly women. There,…

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Dawn Evans

Dawn Evans - The Real Winning Edge

Enduring Through Negative Predictions Dawn was diagnosed with FSGS which is a severe kidney disorder. The condition causes scarring and as it progresses, the kidneys start to shut down. The doctors told her she would not be able to play basketball anymore. She looked at them and told them that they do not decide, but…

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Sierra Becker

Sierra Becker - The Real Winning Edge

Diving Into Depression, But Bounding High Out of It Sierra Becker plays three Varsity sports: Gymnastics, Diving, and Soccer. When she was young her parents got divorced. Once this happened her father abandoned her and ceased to be a part of her life. During this time, she also had trouble with her friends and sports.…

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Cedric Bond

Cedric Bond - The Real Winning Edge

Paddling With Hope Cedric is a global competitor in flat water kayaking. He grew up as an excellent child without fault until he left home for college. He never thought he would be in the party scene, but peer pressure got the best of him and he was consumed by temptation. During this part of…

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Keia Pinnick

Using Prayer To Get Through The Hard Times Keia is a heptathlon athlete who competes at a very high level. Growing up, Keia’s mother was an alcoholic, which led to her brothers and her being placed in a foster care program until they were adopted. Their adoption was not a pleasant experience. Their adopted parents…

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Susan Falotico

Susan Falotico - The Real Winning Edge

Adjusting To Great Loss Susan lost her friend to suicide in High School. She was heartbroken when it happened, but still supported others that were affected by it. She decided to have a meeting encouraging her peers to speak out about suicidal thoughts and not to remain silent if there was any concern for another…

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Jenna DeLucca

Molested as a Child and Seeking God For Healing Jenna DeLucca felt hopeless and confused after discovering that she was being molested in her sleep. She turned to her pastor for wisdom and strength. See how God healed her wounds and helped her trust again.

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