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Troy White

Troy White - The Real Winning Edge

Swinging For The Fences Troy is a dedicated baseball player for Northern Illinois University. He started playing baseball at a young age and grew up with the desire to play for a Division 1 school. He saw early on that plenty of deserving players were not getting the chance they deserved to play at that…

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Sylvan LaCross

Sylvan LaCross - The Real Winning Edge

Staying Strong Despite All The Pain Sylvan is a bareback rider. His parents split when he was young and then his mother was diagnosed with a chronic illness. This forced Sylvan to give up his childhood and run an inn in the fourth grade. His mother passed away once both her sons graduated high school.…

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Luke Putney

Luke Putney - The Real Winning Edge

Losing Vision But Never Losing Hope When Luke Putney was in 5th grade he had brain surgery due to diminishing vision. Right after he finished recovery he began losing vision again do to tumors growing on the sheath surrounding his optic nerve. Luke doesn’t let his vision stop him from enjoying life. He skateboards, wrestles,…

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Crystal Kalogris

Crystal Kalogris - The Real Winning Edge

Racing With Faith Crystal Kalogris is a BMX Racing National Competitor. She is not only an Amateur National Champion, but was also apart of the first ever BMX Collegiate National Championship Team. Her faith in God has kept her grounded and true to her morals. Even through the negativity, obstacles, and even successes of her…

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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson - The Real Winning Edge

Overcoming a Different and Difficult Upbringing Andrew’s dad left his mother when she was pregnant with him. Left alone with his mother, Andrew felt ostracized by others since he didn’t have the same skin color as his mom. Feeling out of place, Andrew began to act out when he was 16. This lasted until he…

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Micaela Serrano

Micaela Serrano - The Real Winning Edge

Finding A New Identity In Christ Micaela was a competing in gymnastics until she was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia which would cause her to faint during activity. It affected her joints and caused them to swell up to the point where she couldn’t grip a bar. Her identity and self-worth was in gymnastics and when…

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Dakota Bracey

Dakota Bracey - The Real Winning Edge

Not Giving Up When All Seems Against You Dakota had a difficult childhood. His mother worked 12 hour shifts at night while his father would beat her. When his father left the family, Dakota became the man of the house at 9 years old. He ended up falling to social pressures until he went to…

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Keyara Criner

Keyara Criner - The Real Winning Edge

Losing So Much But Believing For More Keyara lost her father when she was young and ended up losing her mother not long after to illness. She then lost her brother to gun violence. When Keyara found herself questioning why she was even here, her friend stepped up and encouraged her. He helped her see…

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