Real Teens. Real Challenges. Real Solutions.


Real Teens. Real Challenges. Real Solutions.

The Real Winning Edge shows real student achievers facing real-life challenges and finding real solutions in the only faith inclusive show on national TV for youth! A faith inclusive national TV show featuring video profiles of student achievers in sports and the arts overcoming life adversity by making wise choices, having faith, and winning in life. They have the REAL Winning Edge.

May you have The Real Winning Edge over life’s challenges!

The Real Winning Edge television series features young achievers who have faced adversities in a positive way turning their obstacles into triumphs. Each high school or college student has the best role-model celebrities in their field of talent to introduce them – watch our short overview video.


Meet Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly - Founder of TRWE

A self-taught filmmaker, Preston-Reilly says the idea to create “The Real Winning Edge” came to her in a dream in which she saw those words as a cross approached her from a distance. She wanted the show to be a healthy alternative to violent entertainment.

“What we watch shapes our culture,” she says. “What we have created by allowing young people to watch violence constantly is young people who think violence is the way to solve their problems.”



The Real Winning Edge is searching for high school & college students across the United States to be featured. If you have a compelling story that you would like to share (or know someone that does), contact us!