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Welcome to The Real Winning Edge!

For many, the teen years are a challenge. For some, these years are the battle of a lifetime. But then there are those who turn these hardships into triumphs—those with the Real Winning Edge.

Join us as we highlight young men and women from around the country and all different backgrounds and situations, each using their personal struggles to find faith, integrity, and incredible strength.

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Featured Story

Meet Patrick McCaffrey.

Patrick McCaffrey is a student who works exceptionally hard to succeed both in his academics and in his sport of roller hockey. He does not let his autism stop him from succeeding, nor has he let his father's suicide slow him down from achieving his goals.

Pat finds comfort and support through his faith which helps him deal with his family's tragedy. He shows that he can persevere to accomplish any goal, even when others have doubt.

Patrick has The Real Winning Edge.

The Real Winning Edge Video Series is searching for high school & college students to be featured


Know a young person you think deserves recognition? Check our candidate requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in high school or college.
  • Have a displayable talent in arts or sports, in which they have achieved a high level of proficiency.
  • Have a story of dealing with some type of challenge. (Examples: broken home,, disability, illness, tragedy, depression, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Be articulate.
  • Have exemplary character, including faith.

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